Since our establishment in 1984, all of our coaches have been clearly directed to follow our mission; to foster the physical, mental and emotional development of youth from north Edmonton through the sport of soccer at its highest level.


    We are proud of every player, every coach and the city in which we compete.


    The Inter Club of Edmonton sets out to teach all aspects of soccer in order to play at the highest level. Soccer has few set plays and demands hundreds of individual decisions on the part of players. Accordingly, our coaching focuses on fundamentals (ball skills) and decision-making (tactics). Good fundamentals are maximized by using as many activities as possible with each player working with a ball. Good decision-making is maximized by using as many activities as possible employing small groups. Scrimmaging puts the whole game together and is fun. All players are expected to learn all skills and all of the positions. Winning is considered to be the result of the application of good ball skills and good tactics.


    Good ball skills demand the use of both feet with equal ability. Since many players demonstrate the use of a dominant leg at a very early age, emphasis must be added during all drills to force the use of the non-dominant or “weaker” leg. Good tactics demand the ability to think and to react quickly. Whereas the coach can teach and drill tactics and proper decision-making, it is the players themselves who must achieve a true mental understanding of what is expected. This learning is often a function of age. Players learn the most by playing.

    INTER Soccer Club of Edmonton Coaches