Please Note

Do not date Bingo cheques unless a confirmed date has been assigned.


This information is not meant to scare or intimidate anyone. It is simply to underline the importance that fund raising events are a vital part of the Soccer Club. It insures that our children will have the necessary resources to play and enjoy the game! After all, that's what it is all about! Having Fun and Enjoying the BEAUTIFUL GAME! Thanks for your cooperation.

Fundraising Commitment - Bingos & Casinos

·  Each Inter Team will have 1 assigned manager.

·  Fund raising commitment(s) will be assigned to each team. Parents and children will be informed during registration as to the times and dates of the fund raising events.

·  These times and dates are non-negotiable and must be honoured.

·  There will not be any excused bingos. Parents are responsible for filling their own bingo dates with their own replacement worker. If for some reason you cannot fulfill the commitment, it will result in the cashing in of your cheque and the money  is non-refundable.

·  Once commitment is fulfilled, cheque(s) will be returned to you or they will be destroyed.

·  The amount of the cheque is $300.00.



Inter Soccer Club of Edmonton Fundraising